Winter Rock Scramble
New York
April 20, 2016

As it may have been evident, this past winter was not just warmer than usual; it was, by a large margin, a hot winter. Local winter birds seemed to have interpreted the temperature as a message to move along, and summer birds felt little need to move in from their current vacation spots. Nevertheless, I ventured out for a morning hike, as there is nothing quite like a cool morning hike in winter.

The hike was surprisingly straightforward this winter, predominantly due to the lack of snow and ice through the entirety of the path. Even so, I still managed to confuse myself on exactly the best way up the rocks. As can be seen in the photographs, the view was glorious with the sun peeking itself slowly over the horizon.

Throughout the day only a few sparrows and tufted titmice made an effort to greet me. In previous years, I recall the presence of a much more dynamic group. I'll have to give this hike another try in the coming season.