Revisiting Central Park
New York
April 19, 2016

Great weather was a well-welcomed addition to the weekend, and prompted a last-minute trip to Central Park. It has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to photograph birds here, and I almost immediately found myself severely out of practice in identifying the (less obvious) species that were previously so evident.

For better or worse, the day offered few sightings, and similarly, few head-scratching bird-identifying moments. Unlike the previous day's findings of warblers and other new seasonal visitors, I only photographed a prairie warbler (in the highest possible branches of the tallest tree), downy woodpecker, American kestrel, ruby-crowned kinglet, brown-headed cowbird and sharp-shinned hawk.

I hope to get more practice in, for both photographic and bird-identification purposes, before the spring migration comes into full effect. In the meantime, here are a few photographs while I continue to update and post more collections to the gallery.