Early arrivals
New York
April 29, 2016

I realize I haven't had much time for birding lately, but in light of the migration progression, I thought I'd take a look around to see what's chirping. These photographs are from a short walk in the vicinity, right before sunset on a cloudless day.

I did in fact find a few warblers, including palm, blue-winged and yellow-rumped individuals. It's likely that a good number evaded the camera, but I did hear an orchestra of songs throughout the walk.

And there were quite a number of other birds in the vicinity, including a gregarious flock of blue jays, squawking and nibbling at leaves. Sparrows were also present, including song, chipping, white-throated, savannah and field. The real highlight was the inseparable pair of savannah sparrows occasionally napping atop a budding tree.

I hope to share more photographs soon!