Sunset for a beautiful evening
New York
March 5, 2017

I'll only promise half of a story, so as not to detract from the actuality of its colorful counterpart, coincidently void of photographs for a good reason, to fit the latter part of a wonderful day. So with that in mind, here begins a short story time:

It's been a long time since I've visited Dumbo, almost a decade to be more specific. I remember it was the end of summer, with tourists like myself out for a stroll in the midday sun, eager for a spot in line at the ice cream factory so perfectly placed near the promenade. This year's March has begun as an undeniable continuation of winter, despite a few cheekily warm spring previews, but I sense it is just the right recipe for another insane adventure. Faced with such conditions, I would prefer to be garbed in warmth as a woodland creature, but I suppose motivation has its own way of pulling me forward with far less preparations: yes please, bring on the cold.

After all, I've so rarely find myself photographing sunsets in or around Manhattan, usually blaming its eastern locale for offering less in opportunity and dynamics. Or is it the search for a dinner spot that usually occupies this time? If anything, the sunset proved effective in conveying its charm atop a gradient and cloudless backdrop. And if more, well then, I'd point to its allowance of dimming light to influence perspective and outlook, and obviously just as vaguely as the words assembled here.

It was too cold, honestly, to stay out, but that first impression quickly brushed aside to make room for an ambition. My path took me from Brooklyn Bridge Park along its breezy boardwalk, periodically stopping to watch boats churn through the frigid waters while skyscrapers adorn themselves in gridded lights. Barely any people watching was possible, for the few people crazy enough to stop outside ended up asking me to take pictures for them. I finally stopped on one of the pier's promenades and took a break. Did I want ice cream? No... right? I captured a few (shaky) panoramas before pulling my now mostly frozen self back past the ice cream shop (it was open!) and to the bridge entrance.

I guess I would have liked to photograph a portion of this in film, but I was so sure I would not even finish a roll of twelve, so I didn't even try. The evening's temperature began to fall, but energy was to be found in the gleaming and excited eyes of the surprisingly busy bridge passersby. The flurry of languages, predominantly detected as Spain Spanish this time around, was a welcome edit as I bustled on by in hopes of regenerating some internal warmth. With blues and violets now washing together in the absence of the sun, I stopped for just one more panorama with girders to foreground the distance of even more girders, almost as if the soft light needed that much juxtaposing.

I'll end the story there, with a few more footsteps into the warmth of the subway and the start of my search for food. I hope you enjoyed the photographs, and I do hope that the their panoramic states were displayable for you all (probably not on the tiny smartphone screens).

I really do hope to photograph a bit more frequently, hopefully in film too. I have found a few opportunities to review previously untouched sets from the past two years, so maybe I'll just be able to post in the near future.