More freezing coldness
New York
March 12, 2017

My last sub-freezing sunset trip to photograph Manhattan from Brooklyn was apparently too much fun, and so the only logical solution was to return for sunrise. This time, I began with a mightier resolve to withstand the elements, to which I was once again researched and hardly prepared: eighteen degrees with a windchill of about negative eight.

It was a lovely morning, and the sunrise was beautiful, albeit with few clouds. Thankfully, more and more wispy clouds rolled in as the light flooded over the landscape, just as I started becoming akin with an ice cube; this persistence in patience surely was not such a healthy choice, but I used the time to attempt cloud placement predictions and their affects on localized lighting.

Without further ado, here is my favorite photograph from the day:

* Also, I might have had more photographs to show, except that I was so excited to catch the light that I forgot to check if the film was correctly spooled... and it really was not. And so, sadly, the one or two of the thirty-six that I really liked will never be seen. On the bright side, I suddenly have one more extra roll of unexposed film to use!