Sunrise for a chilly morning
New York
February 6, 2017

I have no reservations about cold winter mornings, for the experiences found are truly worth the effort each and every time. It's the biting frost and piercing wind that makes the world suddenly crisper with new detail and refined realizations. This particular morning was about fifteen degrees with a very generous and constant freezing wind chill challenging the operator, that's me, to hold steady above all other priorities. Most importantly, however, was the inspiration of the ever-growing morning light, flowing through cobblestone spacings and hovering between street corners.

It's a very collected feeling, with a strengthening of the once-gentle beams of sunlight upon the static buildings and motionless streets. But soon enough, the scene changes, with a dog out for a stroll and then a weekend delivery truck on its route, and before long, all the dwellers emerge to populate the city as if it were just yesterday once more.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs, and I certainly plan to post more frequently this year!