The norm
March 31, 2017

While we sit in confusion as to our east coast seasonal uncertainties, the west coast is abuzz in color and sunshine. It is the end of March, after all, and while I do appreciate winter's late attempt to bring in the excitement of subzero temperatures, I would like the birds to migrate and the leaves to fluffy-up the trees. So a visit to the west coast seemed to be the best way to usher in the un-hibernation and positive demeanor with the all too familiar hummingbirds and seagulls whirling about the wavy palm fronds amidst that salty smell of ocean breeze.

It may seem foreign to some and simultaneously vapid and banal to others, but sitting on the sand and watching the waves does really help to clear the head and get some fresh air, in a completely different way from strenuous hiking. Some people find other ways to relax at the beach, and I often find myself quickly distracted by the wildlife, with harbor seals popping up like puppet-shaped periscopes and an always amazing variety of sea and chaparral-enduring birds.

It's also nice to see the benefit of recent torrential rains, with wildflowers popping up by the side of streets and dynamic barometer-balanced clouds rolling over the landscape every few minutes.

And speaking of wildflowers, check back soon for some photographs from a very last-minute trip to the desert!