Welcome back birders!
May 8, 2018

Well hello there, my fellow birders! I realize it's been a while since I've last posted birding relevance; my 'short hiatus' has been the more liberal label to the three-to-four-year absence from the birding scene. In the meantime, I've had the opportunity to make progress in other areas of my life, including photography and music and travel, and just about everything else as well.

Over the last week, I've had a great time photographing some very colorful wildlife, all the while catching up with old friends and meeting new ones along the bird-filled path. Accompanied by their exuberant spirits and incredible adeptness, I've jumped right back into the world of birding.

There are plenty of photographs coming soon... it may take another two days, but at least I've been able to review about half of them thus far.

Stay tuned, and until the next journal entry, happy birding!