A downpour of birds
New York
May 17, 2018

The weekend was fairly rainy, but on the bright side, the birds were still around, hopping from tree to tree looking for food. Although my camera and I were garbed in a raincoat, we were not quite as suited for the inclement weather as our avian counterparts, and had a number of water-related challenges to overcome; the birds, however, were gracious and stopped by to check up on me regularly. I was looking for the Kirtland's warbler, but even with the power of dozens of eager birders, it could not be summoned to reappear. Even in its absence, there were so many wonderful birds to see, and in my short walk, this is what I was able to photograph:

American redstartHooded warbler
Barn swallowLeast flycatcher
Bay-breasted warblerMagnolia warbler
Black-and-white warblerNorthern parula
Black-throated blue warblerOvenbird
Black-throated green warblerRuby-crowned kinglet
Blackburnian warblerVeery
Canada warblerWilson's warbler
Chestnut-sided warblerWood thrush
Double-crested cormorantYellow-rumped warbler

I'll return for more birds a little later in the season, but I wish everyone good birding in the meantime!