Site reformat
January 1, 2023

There have been a number of significant changes under the covers from last year, as well as a few front-end changes that you may have noticed. This post was supposed to be published last year, but alas, it's already the next year. I'll cover the changes here and the upcoming plan for the site.

Gallery module deprecated

The gallery has been removed, and the items have been migrated to the projects module for a more seamless experience. Many of these projects have yet to receive a full written narrative, indicated by the tag "vignette pending" and will be slated for completion over the next few seasons as I find more time.

Bird List

I've added a worldwide birding list to the site to reflect my findings over these many years. While there are plenty of birds yet to observe, this list should provide some context to the photographs you see on the website.

Mobile Site Updates

The mobile site continues to receive perpetual updates to ensure functionality and usability.

Historic Journal Entries

The slow migration of old journal entries continues behind-the-scenes, and with a significant number left to convert, the process will still require more time.

Upcoming Journal Entries

I've been, once again, backlogged with journal entries to publish, and I'll push to get the old ones published alongside the new ones.