A cloudless morning
January 13, 2023

The morning eased into view under a cloudless and strongly graduated sunrise, the colors pouring over the landscape, one ridge at a time, until all the silhouettes emerged to the waking day. Just a simple walk was in order along the rocky arid path, staring at rocks and plants and the few birds that popped over in search of breakfast.

An oak titmouse fluttered back and forth amongst the chaparral shrubbery with minimal wingbeats to keep it aloft, just enough to make it to the next branch. The tufts of is unkept hairdo periscoped from the twigs and leaves, like a shark's dorsal fin, as it played hide-and-seek amidst the morning frenzy.

The trees were quiet as the morning languidly progressed. With first light illuminating the tops of the pines, a gregarious flock of pygmy nuthatches arrived to feast. Here's a particularly vocal one, singing from the highest tree, soaking up the warm morning glow.