Nikon Capture NX 2
August 3, 2011

Capture NX is a software for Nikon developed by Nik. A few years back I took a gander at the seemingly unrefined user interface and its advertised features, but did not find a sufficient need to go further than the 30-day free trial. The software's key advantage over similar photo processing programs involves its unique editing style. Firstly, it allows Nikon users the ability to save edited RAW files back into a lossless NEF file for further editing. Secondly, it utilizes control points which pick up selected colors and related hues in a defined radius, allowing for seamless integration of local adjustments alongside global ones.

Capture NX 2 updated the original NX a few years ago, and I just decided to take a look again. The interface is slightly better, although real-time changes to the image still seem to lag. I tested the program on a recent image of a sunset at La Jolla cove. Separate control points helped to isolate changes to the dark cliffs, on the left, as well as similarly dark waves in the foreground. The first layer in the sky was brightened to smooth out the sun and its hues of yellow while the top layer was darkened to emphasize a deeper blue. I am not sure if I really like the dramatic edited version over the original, but it successfully illustrates the usefulness of control points.

Capture NX 2 could be a useful tool for future assignments where unique local changes are required amidst contrasting global adjustments, but once again its strange graphical interface is not outweighed by its useful functions and thus I am not compelled to purchase the relatively pricey software or finish this 30-day free trial.

For those of you who are interested, here is a link to the website.