Benefit Concert
August 4, 2011

This afternoon was unlike most afternoons, usually characterized by a retreat from the nature's intense sunlight to review and edit images. Since there was a benefit concert today, I took the somewhat rare opportunity to practice photographing indoors.

Most concerts require a slightly different approach since flash and studio lighting could interfere with the performance. Using only the available house lighting, shutter speeds decrease and thus ISO increases. Additionally, concerts featuring classical music tend to imply proper etiquette, thereby limiting motion around the subject and hindering creativity. This, however, would be a formidable goal if I could only achieve some form of stable white balance. It is not the first time I have noticed that a lack of pre-adjusted white balance values could produce some very strange colors, especially for indoor events. In many instances, I was faced with two main light sources: a lamp in the left corner and sunlight from the patio on the right. This duality confused the automatic white balance calculations of the camera and subsequently shaded the image in a dark yellow hue. After some light RAW corrections the skin tones of the performer were returned to more realistic colors.