Mount Soledad Natural Park
July 27, 2011

La Jolla was marine-layer-less this evening and so I stopped by peak of Mount Soledad to take a look at the view of the city. The Soledad Natural Park was recently on the news for its controversial cross that currently towers over the war memorial. Some found its religious implications improper on government land. It seems that there was no change in the plans, as the cross is still a landmark.

Like many other locations in La Jolla, this is a recommended vista in the tour books and thus tourists flock to see the beautiful view. I had only been here a few times on days with clear skies. During the last trip here, I was able to see the San Bernardino snow-capped mountain range. Today, unfortunately, it was misty and the sunset's colors did not shine as brightly. I took a few pictures toward the sun as well as the view toward Torrey Pines that I may post tomorrow, but it was not as spectacular as I had hoped.

P.S. I decided not to post the pictures due to their relatively unexciting nature. Don't worry, I should visit the park some other time and take some better photographs.