A photo-less day
July 28, 2011

Darn, it was a picture-less day! I was unfortunately unable to go out and photograph anything. During the brief time outdoors, I did see an American crow feeding its young on a small patch of lawn, a male and female lesser goldfinch hoping about the front yard in suburbia, and finally a mockingbird holding an orange seed while sitting atop a car. I suppose this is as close as I got to wildlife. It did bring me to the realization that goldfinches are actually really small, seeing them for the first time without a telephoto lens.

Anyway, I spent some time looking up more wildlife viewing points around San Diego. There really are not many greatly accessible spots, but I still have a few more choices if I take further interest in seabirds. Through all the trips thus far I have not seen much variation in gulls or any plovers for that matter (the killdeer being the closest) and so there are goals pertaining to seabirds that are still pending. I did make progress, however, in my basic research of more common seabirds. Although much of this information is publicly available on the internet, I thought it would be a nice challenge to learn about the black skimmers through first-hand observation. Over a few trips, I watched them fly in formation over the water, use the lower mandible to pick out fish and fly off to the unknown nesting grounds. Later, in one trip to Batiquitos Lagoon, I watched them land on the banks of the streams in the salt marsh where they nested.

Tomorrow, I plan to actually return to photographing wildlife or birds so that I can provide you all with more pictures!