Metaphorical salad
May 30, 2022

While perusing the random photographs captured this year, I decided to assemble a single post with whichever stray images I could find from various and unrelated adventures.

This group of misfits begins with a curious western kingbird, sporting a particularly high tolerance for noisy humans. I don't believe western kingbirds are so uncommon in these parts, but perhaps due to a lack of noticing, I hadn't seen one in quite some time, and then suddenly, I find myself in the midst of migration with western kingbirds on consecutive days in different locations. Here, one stately bird, with the evening light reflecting off of the subtly contrasted gray and white plumage, presentably posed along the branch of a budding cherry tree.

It's just another cool afternoon, one of the rarer ones with a low layer of overcast clouds moving inland from the ocean. Despite the tempestuous outlook, the turquoise water ceased to amaze, swelling into waves to produce a symphonic road as they crashed upon the shore.

Three house finches flying to and fro, chattering effervescently on another casual day under the sun. This morning offered few sightings, and even fewer photographs, but this gregarious bunch were sufficiently entertaining.

Did you hear the one about the California towhee sitting on the most prickly of plants? Well, apparently it's not so bad, so long as there's precision landing skills, unwavering balance, and a strong food-oriented motivation.

And lastly, here is a black-chinned hummingbird comfortably nesting in the comfort of springtime. Constructed of a diversity of materials, including leaves, twigs, moss and spiderwebs, this nest housed a brood for hardly two weeks before being vacated.

Stay tuned for more photographs coming soon as I catch up on the backlog of images!