Image review stats
August 13, 2011

As I spend time this weekend reviewing and editing pictures, I thought I would provide some "fun" statistics regarding the trip. Most of my photographic trips are characterized by uncertainty in achieving useable or decent images, especially when they involve fleeting wildlife. On that note, the first chart illustrates the trend in shutter actuations over the five day trip. The first and fifth days were effectively half-days due to traveling, and therefore less images were photographed. Consistently, however, the amount of time and number of photographs taken of wildlife exceeded that of landscapes simple due to the latter's dependence upon cloud configurations and overall lighting.

The success in photographing is more important than the amount of pictures taken, and so I included the next chart on the reviewing process. The first filter is an initial pass on to select usable images. Similarly, the second filter is used to further narrow the selection for the gallery. Although the first filter shows a discernible trend, by the end of the second filter there was just about no trend in photographic success to the five day period.

During the hikes and waits necessary to photograph wildlife and landscapes, I was exposed to mosquitoes. As the morning grew older and the river warmed under the hot sunlight, mosquitoes lifted from the water and gravitated toward me, the camera and tripod. Strangely, the deet did not completely prevent the mosquitoes from approaching and finally landing on my clothing. Here is a chart showing the aggregate number of mosquito bites. As seen in the somewhat linear trend, the rate of mosquito bites was relatively constant.

I have made good progress in editing today, and hope to finish soon!