July 21, 2011

Yesterday was dark and gloomy, which prompted me to attend to the previously avoided (digital) spring cleaning. Clearly, photographing daily has its drawbacks. After an outing, I might put off reviewing or posting older projects for a few days. In actuality, I end up forgetting about it the next day when I go on another outing. The gloomy day came in handy in this effort to catch up.

The daily posts with pictures has taken my focus off of the gallery, which was in need of some images as well. After lengthy hours spent on this task, I successfully uploaded five more recent projects listed under 2011. Here is a link to it.

Additionally, I have made progress in improving my bird identification. While this is good, of course, it also means I will, at some point, have to go back and fix the errors made in my previous IDs. Although I have already started the process of updating captions in previous posts as well as notes in the more recent gallery projects, it may take another month to fully catch up. This also reminds me... of how I have not had time to update the format of the gallery's older items that have subsequently not made it online since the update. That too is going to have to wait a bit more.

More pictures for tomorrow.