Coast Boulevard
July 22, 2011

Here is a picture from a short trip to La Jolla's Children's Pool. I arrived a bit later than planned and the sun was near the horizon already. By now, I have photographed and posted pictures from many sunsets, and so I thought for variation sake I should depict a common beach-going day in La Jolla. The picture depicts locals and tourists walking on the sandy beach, exploring tide pools, and climbing on the sandy cliffs as kelp washed up from the offshore forest, palm trees swayed along the clean boardwalk, puffy clouds reflecting the evening sunlight, and of course, the aqua-green water crashing upon the sand.

A typical day in La Jolla involves droves of visitors regardless of the season. Further north of this photograph's location is the Children's Pool, a key tourist attraction for the conglomeration of harbor seals and their pups. Also, regarding wildlife, I noticed a deficiency of birds while photographing the beach. In fact, I only saw a few western gulls flying overhead, and nothing between me and the horizon. I concluded that they probably had something better to do than observe tourists.