New York
December 11, 2017

I continue to find new and exciting adventures in the city despite having been around the block a number of times. As with most successful outings, this one began in the wee early morning hours, with the temperature snugly situated below freezing. The goal was twofold: photograph the cityscape with the soft morning light and explore a new neighborhood. Evidently, the latter part of the day's goal would be delayed for another day due to lack of suitable preparations and overall plan, but the first did pan out close to expectation. The breeze was cool but calm, and the sky was clear, except for a few vapor trails, vestiges of the sleepless inventions of our time.

The city, however, was asleep; few residents stirred, and even fewer looked to make conversation. The buildings stood quietly, pensive and reticent; Freedom Tower alone reflected the warmth of the rising winter sun.