Another colorful sunset
June 26, 2011

I decided to catch this evening's sunset at the beach in La Jolla, without a particular preference on location. By the number of cars parked near the boardwalk, it was clear that I wasn't the only person who found the 66 degrees and sunny weather to be attractive for a Sunday stroll. Surfers dotted the surf break as they attempted to tackle the moderately large waves propelled by the quickly arriving high tide. On the rocky shore, bystanders sat prepared with foldable beach chairs and cameras awaiting the sunset.

The tide was a bit higher than I expected which made it difficult to walk far on the tidelands. I relocated myself back onto the rocks and admired the soft and puffy clouds colorfully decorated by the ever diminishing sunlight.

Also, I was accompanied by a small bird who had a field day catching flies. The swarming of insects over the drying kelp allowed the bird the luxury of simply sitting and waiting for the meal to arrive in its open beak.

In total, it was a short outing. The sun set as predicted at 8 PM, and there wasn't much to do once it had gone. Like every other sunset I've seen, there was no green flash, but on the bright side, at least the marine layer stayed far off shore and allowed the sunset to say goodnight.