What kind of moon?
New York
November 15, 2016

So here's a story, one that involves a peaceful journey through the woods and up a fire tower to overlook the expansive forests around the Catskill Mountains. Now, it would be accurate to point out that the goal of the hike, if there was any more pertinent goal other than... to simply hike, was to find a fresh perspective to photograph the moon, especially at its perigee. Well, now I'll continue the story...

The day soon wanes away, all the while painting a rapidly changing watercolor, which was sometimes difficult to understand, especially with the following colors... I believe the camera would agree with me.

And then the sun was gone. And waiting began; waiting for moon rise faster than the flat, dark and ominous clouds layered over in deep puddles of blue.

And by the time the moon decided to wake up and step up to its anticipated podium, all that could be seen was a mysterious brow of its essence, barely illuminating the darkness.

But wait, what is this? Could it... nope. It's actually the sun, and I spared your sanity and desaturated it in the absence of the venerable and more natural Tri-X state.

Okay, so the moon may have eluded me this time around, but there was more to the story than the wondrous and benevolent moon. There were highlights to the day, including hiking, birding, breathing the freshest air in the region.

And if I were to pick the best of it all, I would have to go with the supermoon super-rabbit, appropriately titled for its charm and enormity. I hear such a rabbit only appears during a supermoon, so arguably, it would be more rare than the supermoon itself. Or rather, maybe it was just one fluffy snowshoe hare sporting the latest in autumn coats.

And there ends the day's story. I hope you enjoy the photographs, and come back for my next story time!