Torrey Pines State Reserve
July 8, 2011

I made a test run today through Torrey Pines State Reserve, literally, well maybe more of a jog. The sun was setting soon, and with a limited about of sunlight left, I attempted to make a 1.3 mile trail-run in under ten minutes. To say the least, the backpack made this highly impractical. I did however enjoy the brisk tour of the hilly, chaparral landscape that lead to the beach.

At dusk, many animals begin to appear, including lizards, rabbits, squirrels, small birds and tons of gnats. Due to the sun's inability to reach out from behind the marine layer, photographing the flighty, bold round bird five feet in front of me became an impossible task. Instead, I focused on the landscape, in hopes that the light may paint something creative upon the eroded cliffs.

Today, I definitely got my exercise running up and down the sandy trails. It did help to pair the perfect temperature, somewhere in the 60's, with a comfortable humidity. After reviewing the images, I could not find any strikingly unique photos. Anyways, here is one of the ocean. After hiking through brush and sand, the beach is a pleasant change of scenery. To the south, La Jolla's city lights sparkled through the mist. In the foreground, a group of runners splashed in the water (they were also walking for part of the trail). I only explored the beach for a few minutes before making attempting a negative split on the uphill portion of the trip.