July 2, 2011

Hi everyone. Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs to present today, and was unsure what I would write about tonight. Another gloomy sky lingered for the majority of the day and I stayed inside to prepare yesterday's images.

I suppose I still have more thinking to do while I take a short break from yesterday's excursion. My efficiency in converting time to useful photographs is relatively low, and I mainly blame this on my lack of forethought. I already focus on this by returning to the same place over and over again so that my familiarity with the environment and scene in specific can yield more controlled images. In practice this was most effective in birding, as seen in photographs of the finches. What I now need, however, is a consideration for a wider range of subjects. For example, the image of the snake or the beetle is sharp, but it is not unique. I imagined what I wanted and achieved what I had imagined, but it was not as outstanding as I would have preferred. I have my work cut out for me, and I hope to make something of it soon.