Spring cleaning
May 28, 2021

Yes, it sure has been a while, admittedly with unnecessarily long absences between sporadic posts. I believe over this past year, I've finally found the right order in my priorities, and as a result, I've decided to tend to this website and its maintenance with more regularity, with more frequent photograph publications, journal entries and technological upgrades. In my absences, I have amassed so many photographs from day-outings to month-long projects that I can't wait to share. I have been and will continue to publish those works as quickly as possible, so as to not fall behind as I continue to photograph the changing world around me. In the meantime, I have a number of tech updates to share.

Projects module

I have finally added the fourth module, "Projects", to the website. I had always needed a place to bridge the gap between the "Gallery" and "Journal", and this allows me to share more significant projects in a photo essay format, including reflections on my experiences and some behind-the-scenes stories as they relate to the project as a whole.

Photograph optimization

I've decided to prioritize image quality over load times. The latest photographs will arrive with higher resolutions to match the higher device pixel ratios of today's displays, and the older photographs will be upgraded over time, in the following order: Gallery, Projects, Journal. Load times will still be optimized for desktop viewing while I find more efficient ways to speed up the mobile experience.

Mobile device support

The largest effort has been in supporting mobile browsing. It has taken far too long to decide on how I wanted to best incorporate the mobile viewing experience while keeping it cohesive with the original desktop design layout. There are still many items to improve, but in the meantime, it is now better suited for phone and tablet viewing. With the arrival of this new mobile format, I have also taken the opportunity to tweak font sizes, colors, and spacing, add more metadata and further future-proof the code base. I've also added support for captions for each of the photographs in the Journal and Projects modules.

In writing this post, I'm reminded of the progression this website has seen since its inauguration, and perhaps when I have some time, I'll put together an expose of the design over the years.

I hope you enjoy the new additions! Next up, more content!