So many dolphins!
October 6, 2017

Dolphins! While I have had the opportunity to see whales on numerous occasions (unfortunately not recorded through photography, but lovingly captured in memories), I had never before seen dolphins, that is, beyond a human enclosure. In the spirit of visiting National Parks, I took a boat ride out from California across the flat water to the Channel Islands to see what wildlife I could find. With the sweltering heat climbing quickly past 100F, there was little to be found lurking around on the island, save for a hummingbird, scrub jay and number of ravens.

The real treat were the wildlife sightings from the commuter boat to and from the island. Harbor seals, murrelets, phalaropes, pelicans, cormorants, gulls and dolphins were in abundance, and I found myself constantly leaning off the side to take photographs (even with my less-than-ideal portrait setup). I even saw a California Flying Fish float quite a distance before returning back to the water.

I hope you enjoy the photographs, and maybe find urge to visit as well!