Perspective: Part 2
May 28, 2017

And the story continues, in search of more small mountain villages via long open roads and expansive landscapes. Storms were scattered along the drive, but despite its rainy counterpart at times, it also presented the best clouds and diffused lighting. In way, the scenery reminded me of home, with the somewhat arid climate and acres of cultivated land.

And of course, how could I forget about the random encounters with local scenes, especially ones involving cats.

There were dozens of towns and at most two cities along the way, but the day's road always lead to something even more interesting and somehow charming. People were nice, patient and happy to appease my curiosity and always random questions. Most importantly, however, the food was magical, whether it be seafood or land-food. There was one episode of snails... to which I asked the waiter, in the best non-English manner I could, if the dish involved snails from the land or sea, excluding the remark that its very strong acquired taste and even stronger aftertaste alluded to a previous garden upbringing.

Last but not least: birds, of course. And when there are birds, there are always birders to be found. This time, I stumbled upon just two, from Denmark (if I'm not mistaken). They spoke English, but more importantly, they spoke bird, and pointed me toward the overwhelming number of species hiding behind rocks and in the shrubbery. While I did manage to find a blue rock thrush, I did miss out on a black wheatear, that wasn't so fond of the viscously heavy raindrops.

Still on the topic of birds, I made a special stop just to see flamingoes in their natural habitat. It was still early in the season, but a few had made the trip over to the breeding grounds, a federally protected area (for birds, that is).

And there's more photographs coming - check back soon!