La Jolla nightlife
August 9, 2011

On weekends, downtown La Jolla buzzes with nightlife. Tourists, most likely the same ones staring at the harbor seals at the Children's Pool, return to explore expensive boutiques and dine in famous restaurants. Hat stores, cupcake bakeries and art galleries are some of the many florescent-lit shops that attract these visitors.

I took a few night photographs a while back, and decided to explore other parts of La Jolla in search of further variations in lighting. I figured that I would not need extensive creative lighting if a shop owner already prepared it ahead of time. I walked a while and observed the fascinating people and their strange antics employed to "stay interesting." Never mind them, I had come out to take pictures of shops.

The first stop was a store entitled "Cups." I am unsure of the reasoning behind this choice of name, other than its appeal and uniqueness, but I am certain that they make organic cupcakes. I wonder how they compare with Magnolia Bakery or Crumbs. Moving on, I stopped by the Gelateria, one of two ice cream (or close substitute) stores on Prospect Street. It is probably the most progressive gelato shop I have seen with its purple neon sign.

The street curving downhill toward the Cove displays terrain-hugging stores selling souvenirs, strange "stylish" clothing and apparently $2 Mimosas. Finally, the last stop was The Living Room Lounge, with hues of red and orange.

The obvious difficulty in taking these pictures was sufficient lighting. I managed to average about 1/40s through an ISO range of 250 to 400, depending on the brightness of the store's lighting. Here is a link to more images posted in the gallery. Enjoy!