La Jolla Cove: Trip 4 (Part 2)
July 19, 2011

Night approached and I put away the telephoto lens. The birds were comfortable back at their homes and I had just one more task to accomplish while standing in a conglomerate of years of bird droppings. The glowing orange sun dipped in behind the puffy clouds to once again articulate its golden rays in all directions, thus creating the third nicest sunset this month. Just below the horizon, a flock of pelicans circled about in an effort to reorganize themselves before the light disappeared.

As I made my way out of La Jolla, I could not help but to notice the colorful nature of the streets. Usually, I left at sunset since there would be an ineffective amount of available light, thus I had not thought to look around after dark at the setup of La Jolla's street life. Along Prospect Street, restaurants used classical music and fancy decorations to attract dinner guests and brand name boutiques remained open in hopes of business from some out-of-town shopper.

Of all the buildings along the northern stretch of the road, La Valencia hotel boasted the most vivid colors of pink and orange. The already pink building was lit with purple lighting near the tower and orange lanterns in the outdoor restaurant. I walked further into the town and came across the Burger Lounge, a small contemporary-looking burger joint on the corner of an intersection. For a restaurant, it had a great sign--with multicolored lettering and nine lamps to cast a distinct drop shadow.

I hoped you enjoyed the sunset and my slight detour for the sake of the city's street-life. Birding shall continue tomorrow.