La Jolla Cove: Trip 2
July 15, 2011

I made another stop by the caves in La Jolla to find more birds. The day before, I had seen black skimmers passing above the waves on the other end of the La Jolla shoreline and now was curious as to where I they might find more of them. These cliffs housed at least the three normal types of birds, pelicans, gulls and cormorants, and so I thought to look here first. Shortly upon the sandy path I noticed two seagulls and two tiny chicks. Unlike the western gull fledglings I had seen previously, these were tiny with undeveloped wings, and stood as tall their parents' legs. Nothing seemed to bother the little ones as much as the thought of food. Through the noise of cormorants' grunts and scuttering of field mice below, the birds chased the parents' beaks around and around in search of additional tidbits.

The cliffs hold plenty of bird activity, but I was still in search of the black skimmers. I took a walk to the cliffs to see if any flying passerby would point me in the right direction. Cormorants and pelicans navigated by en route to their respective homes but other than those, there seemed to be little avian variety. In the distance, I did see one lone skimmer racing over the waves in a southernly direction.

The day began to wane away leaving me a last opportunity to see funny, ungraceful landings by the pelicans and cormorants with the colorful daylight upon their feathers. Hope you enjoy the photographs, and here is a link to a few more.