July 31, 2011

What is left to explore? I am met with the same problem that exists around ever major city: urbanization. Around San Diego, there are wildlife refuges, preserves, reserves and places that seem unattractive to humans, but these areas represent only a small percentage of the available land that now holds around 3 million people.

Since my field of interest in photography is nature, I can either return to the same natural location or find a new one to explore. If you have followed this blog for the last 40 days, you would have noticed repetitions already exist.

There exist alternative wildlife and nature locations around the San Diego region that I have yet to explore. In fact, when I look at Google Maps, anything green could yield some interesting (chaparral) landscapes. I am however limited by current environmental conditions, and thus the selections diminish. The recent fire near Warner Springs dissuades me from going to Lake Henshaw and its vicinity. I can imagine the lack of both wildlife and natural landscapes there.

To end my long story, I should just summarize with: it was another picture-less day. On the bright side, I have restored some interest in using a circular-polarizer, since my follies in its previous use seem so obvious now. Following some comparison tests, I might write a post about it.