4th of July
July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! It's a beautiful day today, and surely the night will be similarly nice. I'm taking this year's celebrations a bit differently. In past years I have gone out to take pictures of the corporate-financed firework shows wherever I happened to be. It all is exciting, but maybe a bit monotonous through the years. Perhaps I need to try enjoying the festivities without the help of a camera.

I took a long walk through La Jolla Cove this afternoon to observe the tourists, residents and people sitting in tents with barbecues, giant coolers and lawn chairs. The wildlife scene was a bit less eventful, probably as a result of the increased human activity along the boardwalk. The seals were chased off the Children's Pool by the victorious humans, clearly unaware of the seals' bacterial pollution in the sand and water behind the man-made breakwater. Similarly, the location of yesterday's fledglings was instead inhabited by people lacking careful judgement in their choice of seating along the steep cliffs.

Anyways, here are two photographs from today. The first is of the Cove with a sailboat and the Shores in the background. It was quite peaceful looking in that direction; from that distance, all the people on the other beach appeared as big as ants. The other image shows the commotion and heavily populated Scripps Park at the cove.